A railroad company in Pennsylvania prevented the striking miners in its coal mines from interfering with non-union workmen, who were employed in pumping water out of the mines, by building a barbed-wire fence seven feet high about the pump-house and dynamo plant, and then charging it heavily with electricity.

The many complimentary letters received from readers in widely separate parts of the country are an evidence that this magazine is providing for a want on the part of young men which hitherto has been unsupplied. We shall greatly appreciate any assistance that these readers can render towards giving it wider publicity and patronage.

The news that the New York elevated railway lines will, within a few months, be equipped with electric power, will be welcome to the many thousands who travel on them daily.

- The Upholstery Dealer.

While everybody has been predicting the ubiquity of the electric automobile as soon as the proper storage battery is devised, the fact that another interesting automobile application of electricity will be equally as much stimulated by such a battery, has generally been lost sight of. Just so surely as the electric automobile will be the favorite both for business and pleasure uses, so the electric boat will take the place of the gasolene, naphtha and steam yacht on our waters when the storage battery enters into its kingdom.

A railroad train in India ran into a herd of wild elephants, and brought to a very sudden stop. One elephant was killed and seven others ran away.

The Trans-African telegraph line has experienced interruption caused by elephants breaking, down the poles.

Our thanks to Modern Machinery for the review of Amateur Work published in the December issue of that magazine. It must have reached many readers, as the requests we received for sample copies in which this review was mentioned were quite numerous. We must, however, take exceptions to the limitations placed upon the word "amateur," which Worcester defines as "a lover of any art or science, though not a professor of it." It is for those who engage in work for the love of it, or the pleasure derived from it, that Amateur Work is published, and while most of the topics will be treated in an elemental way, the scope of the magazine is not restricted to this class. The professional worker already has numerous magazines at his command, Modem Machinery being an example. It is filled with excellent reading for mechanics, well illustrated, and should be helpful to any progressive workman. Published monthly by Modern Machinery Publishing Company, 810 Security Building, Chicago. $1.00 a year.

The $200 automobile is still some time away. The materials alone cost more than this amount.