With the approach of winter, the amateur photographer begins to plan what he may do when inclement weather prevents work afield. Much pleasure can be derived from indoor work with a flash-light. The making of an excellent torch is a simple and inexpensive matter, as may be seen from the illustration. The materials required are : the cover of a tin spice-box, a small bean-blower, empty tin can, a piece of maple or birch 6" long, §" wide and 1/2" thick, and a few screws. The spice-box cover serves as the flashing-pan B, and should be about 21/2" in diameter. A slot is filed or cut in one side, to allow the flasher to reach the powder. It is attached to the wooden rod by small wire nails. From the bean-blower, a small tin one, cut a piece 51/2" long. Then file a slot one-half way through 3" from one end. The longer portion is left round, and to hold a wax taper or match. The shorter portion is hammered flat and a hole punched through it 33/4" from the end, for a screw. This screw acts as the bearing, and is screwed up until the lever just works. Twist the flat end a quarter turn 11/4" from the other end, and slightly curve it, like the trigger to a gun. The extreme end is curved to hold one end of a rubber band, the outer end of which is attached to a small hook on the rod.

Flash Light Torch 28

The handle is a short piece of wood beveled to the rod, and fastened by screws and tin strips tacked over the joint. From the tin can is cut the reflector R, 8" wide and 6" high, to shield the eyes of the operator. One end of a wooden beef-skewer is split about three inches with a saw. The tin is placed in this slot, and two small wire nails driven through to fasten it. The sides are curved slightly towards the flash-pan. A hole is bored in the rod A to receive the bottom of the skewer, thus holding the reflector upright while in use, and allowing it to be packed flat for convenience in carrying.

To use, a charge of flash-light powder is placed flat in the pan and the wax taper lighted. When ready for the flash, press the trigger with the finger until the lighted taper reaches the powder. Hold the reflector between the flash-pan and the eyes.