The little devices shown in the accompanying illustration will be found of much assistance when grinding chisels, planes and similar tools. This holder keeps the tools always at the same angle, and also assists in keeping them even, so that the edges may be ground square. It is easily made, as follows: The roller consists of a spool or piece of round, hard wood, 21/2" long and 11/4" to 11/2" diameter. Two upright pieces, B, are 23/4" long, 3/4" wide and 1/2" thick, the lower ends being rounded. Two pieces, C, are 31/2 long, 3/4 " wide and 3/8" thick, the ends being fitted to mortises in the pieces B, as shown. These pieces are 3/4" apart. Holes are made in the lower ends of the pieces B, for the bearings of the roller. If a spool is used for the roller, a wooden skewer well smoothed with sandpaper and fitting loosely will answer. If a solid piece of wood, the exact center of each end must be marked, and holes made for screws, which serve as the bearings.

Holder For Grinding Tools 196

In using this holder, the chisel or other tool is placed between the pieces C, and temporarily fastened with a wedge, D. This wedge may be placed above or below the tool as desired, for the angle at which the tool is to be ground. The angle is also regulated by the distance the tool projects beyond the holder. Before using, the holder should be well oiled, so that the water from the grindstone will not soak into the wood and injure it. This holder is not intended for use on an emery-wheel.