The delay in receiving material necessary to the equipment of our own publishing plant, has delayed the issuing of this number. With the excellent facilities now possessed for the work, future numbers will be issued promptly. We know how eagerly many of our readers await the receipt of the magazine, and are sorry the vexatious delays have occurred on the last two numbers. The many interesting articles now in hand will greatly increase the interest already manifested.

Many of our readers residing in the smaller towns have found it difficult to obtain the supplies necessary to make some of the things described in this magazine. For their accommodation, premiums will be offered consisting of the parts of any apparatus for which there is sufficient demand to make this premium plan feasible. On account of the expense of mailing or expressage, such offers will be confined to parts which can be sent at reasonable expense. Our readers will be expected to advise us of the parts they are desirous of obtaining in this way so that we may learn what to offer. If replies are desired a stamp must be enclosed.

Attention is called to the advertisements of prominent tool manufacturers appearing in this issue. These firms are well known to the trade as being leading concerns in their respective lines, and the tools made by them are of superior workmanship and accuracy. The readers of tnis magazine will greatly profit by obtaining the catalogues or descriptive circulars of the tools thus brought to their attention, as a working knowledge of all kinds of tools is desirable alike to professional or amateur. With such knowledge, the tools desirable for any particular work can be purchased more judiciously than would otherwise be possible.