A simple paste, easily made and that will keep a year, is made "as follows: Buy at the druggist's an ounce of the best gum tragacanth. Pick clean and put in a wide mouthed glass or white ware vessel that will hold a quart. Pour on a pint and a half of clear, cold soft water. Cover the jar and let stand until the next day. The gum tragacanth will then be swollen and nearly to the top of the jar. Stir it down to the bottom with a stick and add two or three drops of the oil of wintergreen or sassafras. I prefer the former-This will prevent the paste from becoming sour or mouldy. Stir it several times during the day, but aj-terward do not stir it at all, leaving it to form a smooth white mass, like very thick jelly. Cover closely and set away for use, or you may take out as much as will fill one of the jeily tumblers with a cover, and keep it on your desk, handy for use. I have made this paste for several years and never lost any. I have kept it two or more years, and it has always been sweet and never mouldy. It does not turn yellow in scrapbooks, and is the best all around paste I have ever used. The gum will cost you 5 cents, and 5 cents worth of the oil of wintergreen is enough to last several years.