Priming in a boiler is simply the mechanical rising of water by steam in its effort to get out, and if the steam space is drawn upon and emptied, the boiler is almost sure to prime. The steam space should not be less than one-third the volume of the boiler.

When the first two tons of anthracite coal were brought into Philadelphia, in 1803, the people of that city, so the records state, " tried to burn the stuff; but at length, disgusted, they broke it up and made a walk of it." Fourteen years later, Col. George Shoe-maker sold eight or ten wagon loads of it in the same city, but warrants were soon issued for his arrest for taking money under false pretenses.

The term circular mills, which is often used for designating the size of large wires and cables is obtained by squaring the diameter in mills, a mill being one-thousandth of an inch. To reduce circular mills to square inches, divide by 1,000,000,000 and multiply by 0-7854.

The per capita of money in circulation on May 1 was $31.22 for each inhabitant. That exceeds the record of any previous time. Most of the gain was in gold, $30,000,000 being added by imports, and gold certificates also gained about $11,000,000.

On a switching locomotive in Brussels, Belgium, instead of braking by means of shoes bearing on the wheel treads, the brake shoes are thrust down on to the rails, somewhat after the plan well known with cable cars.

A gallon of water, U. S. standard, weighs 8 1/2 pounds and contains 231 cubic inches.

Honey locust, Osage orange, Russian mulberry, red cedar and western yellow pine are the trees used in the new project, of which 51,000 came from the Government nursery, near Halsey, Neb. The planting this season progressed under highly favorable conditions as regards weather and the physical condition of the soil, and at the expiration of six and one-half days thirteen men had completed the task at a total cost, exclusive of the trees, of $3.88 per acre.

Of the various chemical substances that have been used with a view of rendering wood fire-proof a solution of silicate of soda has been proved to be the best. Wood painted properly with the solution has been found not even charred after long exposure to fierce flames.

Two things are necessary for gasoline engine running. There must be gasoline in the cylinder and there must also be a spark. If the engine gets both spark and gasoline, it must run, providing some mechanism has not become misplaced. If an engine stops and refuses to start, first ascertain which is minus, the gasoline or the spark. Gasoline engines fail to oper-ate properly from insufficient spark more than from any other cause.

In cases of poisoning by illuminating gas, the treatment is most energetic. The patient should be brought into the open air at onee, the clothing loosened and hot bottles applied to the extremities. If the air passages are blocked by vomited matter, these should be cleaned. Active rubbing of the skin with coarse towels, mustard water applications to the extremities, and artificial respiration should be instituted. The breathing of camphor vapor, or well diluted ammonia gas, may help the breathing. So long as the heart beats there are hopes of reviving the patient.