"It is easier to attend to another man's business than it is our own."

The man who wants to "take it easy as he goes along" can do so in the full assurance of never being overburdened with a weight of this world's goods or responsibilities.

"Professional jealousy is a public acknowledgment of inferiority on the part of the one who is jealous. "

"A man who sees nothing but evil in another krows how to look for evil. Don't trust such a one."

" It is the hit dog that yelps."

" A fellow that is always kicking hasn't time to do anything else."

"The better workman a man is, the better the world looks to him."

" If you are a good workman you will not be a good kicker. The two do not fit."

"Keep a man busy and he will enjoy life and make others enjoy it with him; but let him loaf, and he is a nuisance to himself and all he comes in contact with."

"It is an easy thing to criticise; in fact, any fool may criticise, but it takes a wise man to tell one how to make it better. "

" A man who hasn't much to do is always telling some other fellow how he did it."

"The more a man talks the less he has to say".

"The poorest workmen have more to talk about than a busy man."