20th Century Machine Shop Practice. L. Elliott Brooks. 631 pp. 7 3/4 x 5 1/4 in. 423 illustrations. Price $2.50. Frederick J. Drake & Co., Chicago, 111. The author, in compiling this book, certainly desired to make it a complete handbook for the beginner in shop work, as the first quarter of the book is taken up by chapters devoted to arithmetic, geometry, mensuration, applied mechanics, properties of steam and horse power. Had much of this matter been omitted, and the space been given to a more amplified treatment of the main subject, a more useful book would have resulted. For the above reason the remaining chapters are barely more than descriptions of tools, with but little attention to their application to common shop processes.

This is illustrated by the subject "Taps, " to which less than eleven lines are given, which can hardly be termed an adequate treatment. On the other hand, owing to the condensed treatment, nearly every hand and machine tool in general use is mentioned, and most of them illustrated. Anyone desiring a handbook of present day tools would find the book useful.

The Signist's Book of Modern Alphabets. F. Dela-motte. 101 plates 9 x 6 in. Price $1.50. Frederick J. Drake & Co., Chicago, 111.

The styles of letters shown are of far more value to the artist or engraver than to the sign painter or draftsman, very few being adapted for use by the latter classes. As over a hundred different styles of letters are given, there is ample variety to select from by those who have need of ornamental designs.

Pictorial, Composition. Prof. A. G. Marshall. 61pp. 10x6 1/2 in. 180 illustrations. Price $1.00. Photo-American Publishing Co., Stamford, Conn. If copies of this book could be placed in the hands of every photographer, artist and critic in the country, a wonderful amount of good would follow. It requires but a casual inspection to show the thoroughness with which this subject, so vital to good photographic work, has been treated. A great deal of space could be taken in mentioning the many excellent parts of the book, but all could be summed up in the statement that it is invaluable to all who desire to know the principles of composition. The low price places it within the reach of all.