We are frequently in receipt of letters from subscribers who, having purchased one or more of the early volumes bound in cloth, desire to exchange the separate copies of subsequent years for bound volumes, and asking what extra charge would be made for such exchange. It is not possible for us to make any arrangement for doing this, upon terms which would be as favorable, mailing expenses included, as the offer we do make; i. e., to send binding covers to those ordering same at substantially cost price, 25 cents.

The binding of our yearly volumes is done by a wholesale binding firm, and in large numbers so that we may obtain them at a cost which enables us to make the low price at which we offer them. This firm does no retail business, and would not bind single volumes at irregular intervals. As a bindery is to be found in about every large town and city, at which binding of this kind can be done at about the same charge that would be made to us, the purchase of the binding covers enables the owner to obtain the binding at about the same expense that would be incurred in mailing the magazines to us, having them bound, and the return postage. The bound volumes thus obtained are uniform in binding, and no risk incurred of loss or damage in transit. We think that this arrangement will be quite acceptable when fully understood, as it is decidedly the most convenient one, and in the majority of cases less in cost than an exchange could be made for.

It is necessary to request that orders for binding covers be sent as soon after the completion of each volume as possible, that the covers may be made at the same time as are those for our regular supply, otherwise the filling of an order may be delayed until another lot of magazines is being bound. If you want the covers, therefore, for volume IV., which was completed with the October number, send your order at an early date.

The number of letters received from readers who are desirous of forming a society devoted to model engineering and kindred subjects, has been large, and the interest shown in the subject has been very encouraging. Many helpful suggestions have been offered, and we are now engaged in formulating a definite plan of organization, the details of which will be announced as soon as possible. The value of such a society seems to be quite generally recognized as providing the means for bringing together those who are interested in such work, and it believed that the mutual help-to be received by members would be of the greatest benefit. It was this belief that influenced us to propose the society, and we are much gratified to learn that so many are of the same opinion. Those who have been considering the matter but who have not yet written are invited to do so, that local bodies may be planned whenever a sufficient number have expressed their interest.

The revised premium list not being fully completed has led us to put separate pages in such of the recent numbers as afforded space for same. In this way subscribers can select desirable premiums before receiving the complete list.