Wireless telegraphy has occupied a prominent place during the last few years in the public and trade press. In its early days most extravagant claims were made as to its field of operation, but these have gradually given place to more moderate statements, as actual experience has shown the limitations of this method of communication. Even at this time it is too early to definitely state what future developments may bring about, and those most familiar with the subject have adopted a waiting attitude, suspending judgment until some points are more definitely determined or new inventions superseded the imperfect devices at present in use. This much has been definitely settled; that this system of communication is entirely practical within certain limitations, and of sufficient usefulness so that inventors will continue to give it the attention needed to work out efficient devices. The financial aspects are another matter, however, and not until the numerous disputes regarding the invention of certain important devices have been settled will promot-ors' claims be accepted by the investing public. The small investor will probably find it to his best interest to let those assume the risks who have money, the loss of which will not be ruinous.

It would seem hardly necessary to call the attention of readers of this magazine to the benefits to be derived from following a hobby of some kind, as the mere fact that they are readers is evidence of some such pursuit. The many friends of these readers, however, may not have been made" alive to the advantages which accompany the study and work in some special line, and it is these friends we desire to reach and make acquainted with this magazine.

We hope, therefore, that the magazine will be shown to all friends of readers who would be interested in it, as we are very desirous of largely increasing the circulation during the present year. This will, in turn, enable us to increase the size of the magazine, which we shall do as soon as the conditions will permit. The large number of subscriptions received during the past few months are encouraging evidence that our efforts are being appreciated and we again extend our thanks to the many who have so kindly aided us in this way. Keep up and increase the good work and we will try and show our appreciation through the columns of the magazine.

The "American Society of Model Engineers," is nearly ready to begin operations. Many of the officers for the first year have been selected and the work planned for the same period. Many additional letters have been received expressing interest, so that the number now enrolled is over 300. This is very encouraging, and once active operations are begun, the number will increase rapidly.

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" I never saw an ignorant man that didn't say that ' book larnin" was useless, and condemn all colleges, and then go out and work for a dollar and a half a day, while the educated man makes from five up."