The devices, attachments, and methods used by one mechanic to accomplish some certain result, are more than likely to be useful to others, and for that reason we hope all readers will make a point of sending us descriptions of anything in this line which they may use themselves or learn of others using to good advantage. The general co-operation of readers to this end would provide information of the greatest mutual advantage. Do not fail to do this simply because it may not be convenient for you to make an inked drawing ; pencil sketches and a simple description are all that are needed. And do it while the subject is fresh in your mind ; if you postpone it you are liable to forget. For such descriptions we will give liberal payment either in cash or in tools from our premium list. Here is an easy way to fill up your tool chest.

In the previous paragraph mention is made of one way in which this magazine can be made of greater interest and value to its readers. Here is another:

We wish to learn the opinions of our readers as to methods by which this result may be achieved and accordingly make the following offer : - For the best letter received during the month of June stating why the reader likes the magazine, and giving three suggestions as to what changes or additions would make it of greater value to the readers, will be given the choice of premiums from our premium list to the number offered for sve new subscriptions. For the next best letter, the premiums for three new subscriptions; the third best letter, the premiums for two new subscriptions. For the ten next best letters, the premium for one new subscription. Each letter should contain not over 200 words, be written on only one side of the paper, with margins at top, left side and bottom.

This is a very liberal offer, and it is earnestly hoped that a large number of readers will find it convenient to favor us with their views on these subjects. We have in contemplation some important plans for developing the magazine, and the information received from these letters will be of material help in enabling us to carry them out. In complying with our request readers will benefit directly, and we have made this liberal offer to encourage a general response. Do not postpone writing, but give the matter your early attention.

A number of letters and orders have been received without the signatures or addresses of the writers. It is hardly necessary to state that it is impossible for us to fill orders or reply to letters unless we know who send them. If your orders for back numbers have not been filled, jog your memory a little, and send a postal repeating the order, date sent, and sign it.

A visitor at the Brussels automobile show, so it is related, by the "Horseless Age, " after looking for a long time at the large jars for stationary accumulators and asking what they were used for, bought one of the jars, explaining that he wanted to pickle a haunch of deer in it. The incident was the cause of much merriment among the exhibitors of the show.