Mica mining in India it done by coolies, both men and women, whose wages average three annas. 4 cents, a day for the men. and 6 pice, 2 cents, for the won en. The former act as miners, and the latter take the place of trammers and pumps in a civilized mine, standing or sitting in double line on ladders and in the passages, and passing earthern pitchers full of water and baskets containing excavated matter from ore to another. In this way it may require as many as seventy women to remove the water from a mine not 35 ft. in perpendicular depth, though of course the actual line is considerably longer. The shafts are usually built on an incline, and sometimes have a diameter of 15 ft. to 20 ft ; but most are just big enough to allow several pairs or miners to get in and wield their hammers in a cramped position. The tools Used consist of a drill, a chisel and a hammer, the drill and chisel being used alternatively, and the miners working in pairs, one to hold and one to drive. As explosives are not used, it does not pay to carry the operation into the hard rock except where it is very rich, and in this case the ancient file breaking method is employed. Some of the larger mines run to a depth of 100 ft., and a few even to 150 ft. in these cases small vertical ventilating shafts, about 2 ft. in diameter, are put down to venti-ate the inclines, and serve as means for raising the excavated material, for which purpose they are provided with small wooden lifts, called lathes.