The illustration shows a model horizontal steam engine, obtained in England by Mr. F. S. Parsell of New York, together with several others, one of which has already been described in these columns. It is a very faithful reproduction of its larger prototype, is finely made, and runs very smoothly with either steam or compressed air, the latter being frequently used for exhibition purposes on short runs.

Modelsteam Engine 71

The following are some of the principal dimensions: 7 in. long and 3 in. high. Diameter of fly-wheel 21 in. Bore fin; stroke 1 1/2 in. It is fitted with D valve, has oil-cups on main bearings, and with the exception of the polished portions is painted an attractive shade of brown. All castings are of brass, which is the one particular in which it differs in appearance from a large engine. If a sufficient number of requests are received, castings and parts of this design will be prepared, as it in every way suitable for working up by members of the "American Society of Model Engineers." Instead of using brass, however, a non-coro-sive white alloy would secure a more representative appearance, and the slight addition to the expense would be more than offset by the correct color of the finished parts. If you think you would like a set of castings, express your wish by letter at an early date. This does not mean that you should send a binding order, but simply to enable an estimate of the probable number of sets needed upon which to obtain an estimate of cost from the foundry.