Many amateurs are perplexed when their prints sometimes appear lighter in the center than at the edges; these effects are often caused by pouring the developer on to the center of the plate, instead of flooding the whole surface evenly and quickly with the solution When using rapid-action developers it is most essential to cover the whole of the plate almost simultaneously. To do this, take the dish in the left hand and the measure containing the solution in the right. Then, slightly tilting the dish away from you, run the measure quickly along the edge of the dish, at the same time emptying the solution over the plate.

Never add alum to the fixing solution. Where it is necessary, either for plates or paper, it should be employed either before or after fixing, with sufficient washing between.

" If I had a bright boy whom I wished to see get along in the world and make a lot of money, "said an engineer to the " Canadian Manufacturer, " " I would enter him in the new profession of automobile engineering. He should begin as a chaffeur - not to be a light headed speed rivaler and law breaker, but that he might learn to operate a machine well; that he might learn how to operate all sorts of machines. Then he should enter a factory and learn how to make them. Possessed of this knowledge I would have him serve a term on the road as salesman, introducing the machines. After that it would be his business to find a good location and set up for himself as dealer and agent. It is the coming business and there will be a lot of money made in it by men who know how."