Some engineers are very skilful in removing specks from the eyeball, states the " Engineers' Review." Take a splinter of soft wood, pine or cedar, and whittle it to a point. Then take a small, loose flock of cotton, and laying it upon your forehead, piace the pointed stick in the center of it. Then turn the flock of cotton over the end of the stick, winding it round and round, so as to make it adhere firmly. If you will look at the end of such a probe with a 12-in. lens you will see that it is quite rough, the fibers of the cotton making a file-like extremity. As the material is soft, it will do no harm to the cornea when brushed over its surface.

When ready to remove the foreign body, have the patient rest his head against your chest, draw the upper lid up with the forefinger of your left hand, and press the lower lid down with the middle finger, and then delicately sweep the surface in which the foreign body is embedded, with the end of the cotton probe.