To remove stains from marble, mix quicklime with strong lye to the consistency of thick cream, and brush this on the marble. Leave for twelve hours and then wash off. If this is of no avail, mix 4 oz. of soft soap with 4 oz. of whiting, 1 oz. of soda (sodium hydrate) and 1/2 oz. of copper sulphate in powder, and boil the whole together for fifteen minutes. Rub this mixture, while still hot, over the marble, using a bit of flannel on a stick for the purpose. Leave for twenty-four hours, then wash off and polish the marble. Oil stains may be removed by applying a paste of common clay and benzine. Iron rust, and iron ink stains are treated with: Butter of antimony, 1 part; oxalic acid, 2 parts; soft water (rain water), 32 parts. Dissolve and add whiting or flour to the consistence of a thick paste. Apply evenly with a brush and leave for a few days. If the stains are still visible, repeat the operation. To restore the polish after any of these operations, use a bit of old felt hat wrapped around a bit of wood, and with it, hot water and emery powder, rubbing the marble until an even surface is obtained. The emery powder should be in graded sizes, using the coarse first and finishing with the finest flour of emery, changing the felt with each change of powder. The flour will leave a comparatively fine gloss on the surface, which should be heightened by putty powder and fine, clean cotton rags, finishing with silk. No water should be used toward the last.