A gasoline brazing torch which fastens to the wall in front of the work bench and swings back out of the way when not in use may be made, says the " American Machinist," as follows: Thread both ends of a 2 ft. length of 2 in. gas pipe. In a 2 in. cap drill a hole to receive a single tube bicycle valve, V', drill another hole and tap it to receive a 1/2-in. pipe, C, 6 in. long, on which weld a piece of iron to form a handle or T for convenience in replacing the piece after filling the tank by way of the lapped hole. Fit the 2in. cap on the top of the 2 in. pipe. Drill and tap the cap for the bottom for a 1/4 in. pipe, O, 3 1/2 ft. long and threaded at both ends. Make the burner a piece of bicycle tubing with a 2 ft. length of small sized tubing coiled around it. An angle valve G controls the supply of oil to the burner. The arrangement of the burner causes a continuous generation of gas by the blast. Make a hole not larger than a pin prick in the cap, 7', at the end of the coiled tube. Fasten a bicycle pump B to the wall just above the tank in use in keeping up a constant pressure in the tank.

Gasoline Brazing Torch 15