One of the two powerful electric locomotives recently designed by the Boston Elevated Railway company for heavy yard and general haulage service on the elevated division has already been completed and is at work in the Sullivan-cq. terminal yard, . Charlestown, and the second is in process of construction.

Both locomotives will have been manufactured in the company's own shops and are practically duplicates. One will probably be used more exclusively in yard work, while the other will be employed in the

The contractors are mounted in a fireproof compartment in the centre of the cab, which is about eight feet long. The master controllers are mounted in diagonally opposite corners of the cab and are arranged for right hand operation of the locomotive, lacing each end. The reverser, circuit breaker, fuse box and rheostats are installed under the sloping end at one side of the cab, and the main reservoir cylinders, air compressor and governor are installed under the opposite end. The wooden flooring is fire-proofed by sheet tin in the compartment which holds haulage of materials, flat cars, box cars or other rolling stock in connection with the work of the road department.

Powerful Electric Locomotive 317

Each locomotive is 30 feet 7 1/4 inches over all and 8 feet 7 inches wide. The hight of the top of the cab from the rail is 11 feet 3 inches. They were designed to pass through the subway as readily as a standard elevated car and each weighs 77,000 lbs. The floor is a trifle above four feet above the rails.

In general design the locomotive conforms to the usual arrangement of a central cab and body with sloping ends on each side, supported on a heavy un-derframe, the latter being carried on two four-wheel trucks. These trucks are similar to the motor trucks used under the cars of the elevated division, having 24-inch steel tired wheels, a six-foot wheel base, and being 16 ft 3 1/2 inches apart on centers.

the control apparatus.

Minor control switches and fuses are mounted in a special asbestos lined compartment at one end of the cab and a single-pole, double-throw switch is installed to connect the main motor circuit, either with the trolley pole, with which the locomotive is provided, or with the circuit of the third-rail shoes. The air brakes are of the new electro-pneumatic type with graduated release and quick recharge features,

Ark headlights and electrically lighted markers are provided, and part of the space at each end of the locomotive is given up for tool box purposes.

The locomotive already completed is used in shifting cars in and cut of the northern division of the Sullivan-sq. shops for the purpose of wheel grinding or truck changing. About 48 pairs of wheels are ground daily, and the locomotive is constantly at work transferring cars to and from the special track in the shops.

Ever since electric train operation began in Boston it has been necessary to shift dead cars by a passenger car withdrawn from the service. On this car the facilities for looking back at the rear of the train were not good and safe movements could not be made without considerable delay in signaling. In the locomotive the driver can headily see all that is happening at the end of the train and the control is graduated so that the locomotive can be moved an inch at a time if desired. Eleven elevated cars, weighing about 33 tons each, have been hauled at one time by the new locovotive without the least difficulty.