As It was necessary for me to solder the joints of fine wires on electrical instruments, and other small work, I found myself in need of a blowpipe that gave A small but very hot and easily directed flame, was automatic in its operation and required no blast. I tried an ordinary acetylene burner on coal or city gas, and found it gave an intensely hot, nonluminous flame, due to the forced draft of air through the small holes. This flame will melt silver, copper and, also, silver solder. Its great advantage lies in the fact that it may be used for sweating together small articles rapidly and with great neatness. I always keep this blowpipe burning, as the gas it consumes is very small, and the burner is kept within easy reach by using A hanger, as shown in the illustration.

A single jet of flame is obtained by stopping up one of the tips, which is very useful in many ways. This flame may contain a small luminous spot on some city gas, But it does not interfere with the heat. - Contributed by Arthur Worischek, New York City.