A Furniture Polish #1

A good pastelike furniture polish, which is very cheap and keeps indefinitely, can be made as follows: Mix 3 oz. of white wax, 2 oz. of pearlash, commonly known as potassium carbonate, and 6 oz. of water. Heat the mixture until it becomes dissolved, then add 4 oz. of boiled linseed oil and 5 oz. of turpentine. Stir well and pour into cans to cool. Apply with a cloth and rub to a polish. The paste is non-poisonous.

A Furniture Polish #2

A homemade furniture polish that will compare with any known polish, Is composed of the following chemicals and oils. Mix 3 oz. of turpentine very gradually with 6 oz. of linseed Oil, then add 3 oz. of grain alcohol, 3 oz. of 5-per-cent acetic acid, and 1/2 oz. Of butter of antimony. Apply with a cloth and use a good friction. As the substance might prove harmful to children if taken internally, see that it Is kept out of their reach. - Contributed by Loren Ward, Des Moines, Iowa.