Pure wintergreen oil makes a good local application for all small wounds, bites, scratches, abrasions, etc. There is no germ or microbe, animal or vegetable, dead or living, that can withstand this oil, and at the same time it is not injurious to living tissues. A few drops gently rubbed in where there is apt to be any infection is sufficient.

An infection always follows the wound of a bullet or the scratch of a brass pin, with irritation extending up the limb or part threatening tetanus or lockjaw. These symptoms are manifested by spasmodic pains which shoot upward, but are quickly subdued, if the oil is applied along the track of the pain or infection. This oil is equally effective when locally applied to tendons or ligaments which have been unduly strained.

An ounce of the pure oil does not cost much, and it should be kept in every shop and household. If 5 or 10 per cent of olive oil is added to it, the oil will have more body and will last longer. - Contributed by Dr. E. R. Ellis, Detroit, Mich.