The hanger is simple in construction and can be easily made by following the dimensions given in the drawing, and the directions given below.

Details of Hangers

Ill: Details of Hangers

The back is first marked off on a soft-pine board and cut out. The curved edge should be rounded off so as to prevent injury to the coat. The two end pieces are then made, and fastened to the back with screws as shown. The wedge is ripped diagonally from stock and the smaller edge made slightly round. The wedge slides in between the two end pieces, and after the trousers have been put in place, is pushed down until it holds them securely. The hanger is a screw hook turned into the wood, or it may be made of a piece of heavy wire run through a hole in the back and bent over on the bottom edge. The wood may be stained any desired color and then given two coats of shellac. - Contributed by Olaf Tronnes, Wilmette, Illinois.