same time make an artistic corner, the Upholsterer suggests the following method:

Spread the couch cover on the couch so that the surplus is evenly divided between the sides and ends, and pass a pin through the cover to show each corner as in Fig. 1. Measure the distance from each corner of the couch to the floor, Fig. 2, and measuring from the point of the corner, mark the same distance by the insertion of another pin, repeating in all four corners. The distance between the two pins at each corner now defines the amount of surplus that is to be taken up. Chalk a circle to include the portion between these two pins, as shown in Fig. 3, and with a circular needle and stout stitching twine run a shirring thread around the circle, and when this is drawn tightly and tied, the surplus is formed into a rosette, while the corner may be draped into an artistic cascade, as shown in Fig. 4.