A certain druggist utilized old electric bulbs for displaying dye colors. Water was colored with a dye and the end of a bulb dipped into the liquid. Then the tip end was broken off, and the bulb being a vacuum, the colored water was drawn into it, and filled the globe. The point was then sealed with paraffin.

Displaying Dye Colors 563

A ring-shaped piece, 15 in. in diameter and 2 1/2in. wide, was cut from a piece of board, and 1-in. holes bored, 2 1/2 in. apart, in one-half of the ring. The globes holding the colored water were set in these holes and a light with a round shade placed in the center. It proved to be an attractive display and a good method of showing the colors. - Contributed by Maurice Baudier, New Orleans, La.