The little bank illustrated is not exactly burglar-proof, but once put together it cannot be opened except by the destruction of one of the units of which it is composed. It requires but little skill to make, and would be a good problem for manual training, as it offers an excellent opportunity for teaching certain rudiments of woodworking by the application method.

Six Pieces of Wood as They are Put Together to Form a Toy Bank

Ill: Six Pieces of Wood as They are Put Together to Form a Toy Bank

In its construction, six pieces of hard wood, of the dimensions shown in the sketch, are required. White wood will do if there is no hard wood at hand. The coin slot is 1/8 in. wide by 1 1/4in. long, and is cut in only one piece.

No difficulty will be experienced in putting the first five pieces together, But the sixth, or top, piece, shown in the sketch, will not go in, because the bottom edge of the raised side will strike the inside of the piece to the right. By beveling this edge with a chisel from top to bottom between the dadoes, or grooves, it can be forced down quite a distance and sprung in place by placing a block of wood on the high side and striking it a sharp blow with a heavy hammer. - Contributed by J. A. Shelly, Brooklyn, New York.