With but little skill, and such tools as are ordinarily found around a home, a plain but serviceable costumer can be made, as shown in the sketch. The necessary materials for it are: One main post, l 1/2 in-square and about 6 1/2 ft. long; four legs, or foot brackets, 3/4 by 6 by 9 in.; four b r a s s clothes hooks, and the necessary screws and varnish for assembling and finishing.

The center post should be chamfered at the top to relieve the abruptness. The four legs should all be made alike and in some shape that allows them to be fastened to the post in a simple manner. In the sketch, the legs are fastened to the post by one visible screw at the top and one put in on an incline through the bottom edge of the leg. The clothes hooks are fastened to the post in pairs at different heights, thereby preventing the screws of adjacent hooks from running into one another. The finish of the costumer should be such as to match the woodwork of its surroundings. - Contributed by Harry A. Packard, Norway, Maine.