A simple weather indicator that may be used in determining the condition of the atmosphere may be made as follows: Dress a small figure, in the form of a doll, with a piece of cloth, previously dipped in the following solution: Chloride of cobalt,

30 parts by weight; sodium chloride, 15 parts; gum arabic, 7 1/2 parts; calcium chloride, 4 1/2 parts, and water, 400 parts. This cloth will change color as the amount of moisture in the atmosphere changes, the change being due to the cobalt salt, which, in dry air, is lavender blue. As the moisture in the atmosphere increases, the color changes first to bluish red, then light red and finally pink, according to the amount of moisture. With a decrease in moisture, the colors change in the reverse order to that given above, and the blue color returns when the air becomes dry.