The cream that rises on the milk in an ordinary milk bottle cannot be removed easily. Where a small family desires to use the cream for coffee, the skimmer shown in the sketch is very handy.

The cone is made of metal - tin, brass or copper - w h i c h can be nickelplated, the seam being soldered. The cone is 2 in. deep with a diameter at the top of 1% in. A handle can be made of a discarded sugar or teaspoon, which is soldered to the cone. Insert the cone in the bottle far enough for the cream to flow into it and then withdraw. Cream will gather about 3 in. deep on rich milk. The milk can be used for cooking. A piece of wire can be used for a handle instead of the spoon. - Contributed by Victor Labadie, Dallas, Texas.

Skimmer for Bottled Milk 847