A very convenient and efficient device for unlocking any door fitted with a spring lock is shown in the accompanying sketches. A fairly stiff spring, A, is connected by a flexible wire cord to the knob B. The cord is also fastened to a lever, C, which is pivoted at D and is released by a magnetic trigger, E, made from the armature and magnet of an old electric bell.

When the circuit is completed by means of a secret contact device outside the door, the magnet, F, pulls down the armature, which releases the trigger and allows the spring to open the lock. If there are metal numbers on the outside of the door they may be used for the secret contact, if desired, but if there are no numbers on the door, a small contact-board may be constructed by driving about 12 brass headed tacks into a thin piece of wood and making connections at the back as shown in the wiring diagram. Apparatus Placed on Inside of Door

Illustration: Apparatus Placed on Inside of Door

In this particular diagram the tacks numbered 1 and 7 are used for unlocking the door, the others being connected with the electric-bell circuit as indicated, for the purpose of giving an alarm should anybody try to experiment with the secret contacts. By means of a pocket knife or other metal article the operator can let himself in at any time by connecting the tacks numbered 1 and 7, while a person not knowing the combination would be liable to sound the alarm. Of course, the builder of this device may choose a combination of his own and may thus prevent anybody else from entering the door, even those who read this description. --Contributed by Perry A. Borden, Gachville, N. B.

Electric Door Opener Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram