Secure a piece of wood about 3-1/2 in. square that will furnish a nice finish and round the corners and make a small rounding edge as shown in the sketch. From a piece of brass 1/16 in. thick cut two pieces alike, A and B, and match together, leaving about 1/16 in. between their upper edges and fasten them to the wood with binding-posts. The third piece of brass, C, is fitted between the pieces A and B allowing a space of 1/16-in. all around the edge. One binding-post and a small screw will hold the piece of brass, C, in place on the wood. The connections are made from the line wires to the two upper binding-posts and parallel from the lower binding-posts to the instrument. The third binding-post on C is connected to the ground wire. Any heavy charge from lightning will jump the saw teeth part of the brass and is grounded without doing harm to the instruments used. --Contributed by Edwin Walker, Chicago, Ill.

How To Make A Lightning Arrester 231