Simply Made Wire Puzzle

The object of this simply made wire puzzle is to get the ring off, which is not easy unless you know how. To do so it is necessary to move the triangle with ring to one of the hinge joints and fold the puzzle. Then slip the ring off the triangle over the hinge joint and it will slip all around and off at the other hinge.

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A Photographic Jig-Saw Puzzle

Take any photographic print and mount it on heavy cardboard, or, if you have a jig saw, a thin smooth wood board and mark out various shaped pieces as shown in the accompanying cut. If the picture is mounted on cardboard, the lines can be cut through with a sharp pointed knife. If you have a jig saw, you can make a bromide enlargement from the negative you have selected and mount the print on a smooth board that is not too thick. This wood-mounted picture can be sawed out making all shapes of blocks, which forms a perfect jig-saw puzzle. --Contributed by Erich Lehmann, New York City. Picture Marked for Cutting

Illustration: Picture Marked for Cutting

A Checker Puzzle

Cut a block from a board about 3 in. wide and 10 in. long. Sandpaper all the surfaces and round the edges slightly. Mark out seven 1-in. squares on the surface to be used for the top and color the squares alternately white and black. Make six men by sawing a curtain roller into pieces about 3/8 in. thick. Number the pieces 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7, and place as shown in Fig. 1. The puzzle is to make the first three change places with the last three and move only one at a time. This may be done as follows: Position of the Men

Illustration: Position of the Men

Move 1-Move No. 3 to the center. Move 2-Jump No. 5 over No. 3. Move 3-Move No. 6 to No. 5's place. Move 4-Jump No, 3 over No. 6. Move 5-Jump No. 2 over No. 5. Move 6-Move No. 1 to No. 2's place. Move 7-Jump No. 5 over No. 1. Move 8-Jump No. 6 over No. 2. Move 9-Jump No. 7 over No. 3. Move 10-Move No. 3 into No. 7's place. Move ll-Jump No. 2 over No. 7. Move 12-Jump No, l over No. 6. Move 13-Move No. 6 into No. 2's place. Move 14-Jump No. 7 over No. 1. Move 15-Move No. 1 into No, 5's place.

After the 15 moves are made the men will have changed places. This can be done on a checker board, as shown in Fig. 2, using checkers for men, but be sure you so situate the men that they will occupy a row containing only 7 spaces.-Contributed by W. L. Woolson, Cape May Point, N.J.

A Checker Puzzle [189]

A Checker Board Puzzle

Place eight checker men upon the checker board as shown in the first row in the sketch. The puzzle is to get in four piles of two men each without omitting to jump over two checker men every time a move is made. Placing the Checkers

Illustration: Placing the Checkers

The first move is to jump 5 over 4 and 3 on 2 which is shown in the second row, then jump 3 over 4 and 6 on 7 and the positions will appear as shown in the third row; jump 1 over 2 and 5 on 4 to get the men placed like the fourth row and the last move is to jump 8 over 3 and 7 on 6 which will make the four piles of two men each as shown in the fifth row.-Contributed by I. G. Bayley, Cape May Point, N.J.