Runny Paint

The paint will sag and run if too much oil is put in white lead.

Painting A Car

When painting the automobile body and chassis be sure to stuff the oil holes with felt or waste before applying the paint. If this caution is not observed the holes will become clogged with paint which will prevent any oil reaching the bearing.

Unused Paint

Do not allow paint that is left over from a job to stand uncovered. The can should be. tightly sealed and the paint will be found suitable for use for several days.

Clean Before Painting

Apply a coat of raw starch water to a dirty wall before painting; this, when dry, may be brushed or wiped off.

Removing Old Paint

A chair more than a hundred years old came to me by inheritance. It was originally painted green and had been given two coats of dark paint or varnish within the last 30 years. Desiring to improve the appearance of the relic, I decided to remove the paint and give it a mahogany stain. The usual paint removers would readily take off the two latter coats but had no effect upon the first. I tried to remove the troublesome green in various ways, but with little success until I applied a hot, saturated solution of concentrated lye. By coating the paint with this repeatedly, applying one coat upon another for two days, and then using a stiff brush, the layer was easily and completely removed. --Contributed by Thos. R. Baker, Chicago, Ill.

Painting Yellow Pine

When painting yellow pine exposed to the weather add a little pine tar with the priming coat.

Brighten White Paint

Add aluminum bronze to a white or light paint that is to be used for lettering on a dark ground.