The illustrations will make plain a simple and inexpensive apparatus for wireless telegraphy by which I have had no difficulty in sending messages across 1-1/2 miles of water surface. It is so simple that the cuts scarcely need explanation. In Fig. 1 is seen the sending apparatus, consisting of a 40-cell battery connected with two copper plates 36 by 36 by 1/8 in. The plates are separated 6 in. by a piece of hard rubber at each end. Simple Wireless System

Illustration: Simple Wireless System

In Fig. 2 are seen duplicates of these insulated plates, connected with an ordinary telephone receiver. With this receiver I can hear distinctly the electric signals made by closing and opening the Morse key in Fig. 1, and I believe that in a short time I shall be able to perfect this system so as to send wireless messages over long distances. --Contributed by Dudley H. Cohen, New York.