In making the combination shoe case and polishing outfit shown in Figs. 29 and 30, any easily worked wood may be used. It is made up of two ends by 10 in. by 5 ft. 5 in., one top by 10 by 20 in., one bottom the same size, and one plywood back by 20 in. by 5 ft. 5 in.; boards may be used for the latter if preferred. Assemble these pieces with sixpenny finishing nails, fastening the back in place with fourpenny common nails.

Assembly views of the shoe case and polishing outfit. Note the position of the foot piece bracket when folded and when open.

Fig. 30. - Assembly views of the shoe case and polishing outfit. Note the position of the foot-piece bracket when folded and when open.

Make five shelves F 5/8 by 11 by 20 in. and bevel their back edges as at G, and the front edges as shown by the detail. Cleats H, by by 20 in., may be fastened with 1 -in. brads at a distance from the back edge of each shelf G to suit the shoes to be kept thereon. Fasten these in place at about the angle indicated with sixpenny finishing nails, watching carefully while the nails are being driven to be sure that they do not come out of the side of the shelf.

Cut out two by 10 by 16 7/8 in. plywood doors. In fitting them, hang with 1-in. brass butts placed as at J, with a stop by 2 by 6 in. glued and bradded as at K. Fit a brass spring friction catch at D to hold each door, with the striker on the inside of the bottom. A -in. brass knob should be attached at L.

Fasten piece B into A with glue and 1-in. No. 9 screws. Make a foot rest and fasten to B as suggested. Hang piece C to B with a 3-in. iron strap hinge, place the assembled pieces on the bottom of the closet, and fasten with 2-in. hinges located as at M and back far enough to allow the doors to open and close freely.

The back and ends of the inside of the closet, together with the pieces A, B, C and the foot rest, should be painted black, for any other color will be defaced by Spots of shoe blacking. The remainder of the case may be painted, lacquered or stained to suit.

Straps of cloth or leather or wood cleats may be fastened to the walls of the closet as indicated, to receive brushes, boxes, and bottles of shoe polish, and other accessories.