49. V-Pulley

The ordinary type of pulley for round ropes or cables. Owing to the V-shaped construction of the pulley groove, the rope wedges tightly into engagement with the pulley.

50. Pulley With Flexible Filling

In order to secure frictional engagement of the cable with this pulley, the pulley groove is provided with rubber, leather, wooden, or other filling.

51. Pulley With Ribbed Groove

In this construction of pulley the required grip is produced by forming ribs in the bottom of a pulley groove.

52. Pulley With Gripping Lugs

The flanges of this pulley are formed with lugs which kink the rope or cable as shown, thus producing the required grip.

53. Rope Sprocket-Wheel

An old form of rope gear used in hoists and the like.

54 and 55. Gripping Pulleys. - Gripping arms are provided which grip the cable at the point where the cable presses into the pulley. In 54 the gripping arms are wedged inward by the side walls of the pulley groove when pressed downward by the cable. These arms are normally held up by coil springs. In 55 the cable is gripped by the toggle movement of hinged clips placed at intervals along the periphery of the pulley.

56. Cable Sprocket-Wheel

The cable is provided with clamps which enter sockets formed in the cable wheel. This is a form of cable gear commonly used at present in elevating and conveying machinery.