Stars of the first magnitude are indicated by an eight-point star, those of the second magnitude by a six-point star, third magnitude stars by five-point stars, fourth magnitude stars by four-point stars, and fifth magnitude stars by dots.

fall about one decree to the east of the position on the first of December at nine o'clock, so that at the end of thirty days it would move into coincidence with the ellipse traced for January 1st.

The following descriptions of the heavens apply to the stars visible at nine o'clock on the first days of the months, but it will be evident that the same description would apply for the stars visible at eight o'clock on the fifteenth of that same month, or for ten o'clock on the 15th and 11 o'clock on the first of the preceding month.


The Great Bear, Ursa Major, is now rising well above the horizon, in the northeast, the Pointers about midway between north and northeast. The Dragon, Draco, lies due north, curving round under the Little Bear, its head close to the horizon. Low down in the northwest is a part of the Swan, Cygnus. Higher up we see King Cepheus, his wife, Cassiopeia, and their daughter, Andromeda, the Seated Lady and Chained Lady respectively, with the Rescuer, Perseus, nearly overhead. The Winged Horse is setting, his head close by the western horizon, and near the Jar of the Water Bearer, Aquarius. In the southwest is the Whale, and close by the constellation Pisces, or the Fishes; above them the Ram, Aries, between which and Andromeda the Triangle can be seen. In the south the River, Eridanus, makes now its best show. Its leading brilliant, Achernar, is, however, never seen in the United States. In the southwest the Great Dog with the splendid Sirius ("which brightliest shines when laved of ocean's wave") shows resplendently. Above is Orion, now standing upright, treading on the Hare, Lepus, and facing the Bull, Taurus, now at its highest. The Dove, Columba, below the Hare is a modern and not very interesting constellation. The Little Dog, Canis Minor, is on the east of Orion. In the east the Sea Serpent, Hydra, is rising, and due east a little higher we find Cancer, the Crab; above are the Twins, Gemini, and above them the Charioteer, Auriga, with the bright Capella, nearly overhead. The Lion is rising in the northeast, his heart star, Regulus, being low down a little north of east.


The Great Bear, Ursa Major, with its Dipper and Pointers, occupies the northeasterly midheaven. The Dragon, Draco, curves round the Little Bear toward the Pointers. In the northwest, fairly high up, we find Cassiopeia, the Seated Lady, and on her right, lower down, the inconspicuous constellation Cepheus. Andromeda, the Chained Lady, is on Cassiopeia's left. Above Andromeda is Perseus, the Rescuing Knight and above him the Charioteer, Auriga, nearly overhead. On the left of Andromeda is Aries, the Ram, the small constellation the Triangle lying between them. Toward the southwest, the Whale, Celus, is beginning to set. The River, Eridanus, occupies the lower part of the southwesterly sky, and extends also to the midheavens in that direction. The Dove, Columba, lies toward the south, and is at its best, which is not saying much. Above is the Hare, Lepus, on which Orion treads. The giant now presents his noblest aspect - prince of all the constellations, as he is. He faces the Bull, Taurus, known by the Pleiades and the bright Aldebaran. Close by the poor Hare, on the left, leaps Canis Major, the Greater Dog, with the bright Sirius, which "bickers into green and emerald." The stern of the Star-Ship, Argo, is nearing the south. Very high in the southeast we find the Twins, Gemini, with the twin stars, Castor and Pollux, and below them the Little Dog, Canis Minor. The Sea Serpent, Hydra, is rearing its tall neck above the eastern horizon (by south), as if aiming either for the Little Dog or for the Crab, Cancer, now high up in the east, with its pretty Beehive cluster showing well in clear weather. The Lion, Leo, is due east, the Sickle being easily recognized.


The Great Bear, Ursa Major, with its Dipper and Pointers, is now high up in the northeastern sky. The Dragon, Draco, extends from between the Bears to the horizon, east of north, where its head with its two bright eyes can be seen. Cepheus is low down, somewhat to the west of north; his Queen, Cassiopeia, the Seated Lady, beside him. Andromeda, the Chained Lady, is in the northwest, low down - in fact, partly set; the Triangle, and next the Ram, Aries, beside her, toward the west. Above them is Perseus, the Rescuing Knight; and above him, somewhat to the west, the Charioteer, Auriga. The Bull, Taurus, with the Pleiades and the bright Aldebaran, is in the midheaven, due west; Gemini, the Twins, higher, and toward the southwest. Orion, below them, is already slanting toward his grave, low down in the west; beneath him the Hare, and in the southwest a part of the River, Eridanus. Due south is a part of the Star Ship, Argo beside which, low down, is the foolish Dove, Columba, while above leaps the Great Dog, Canis Major, with the splendid Sirius, chief of all the stars in the sky, marking his mouth. High up, a little west of north, is the Little Dog, Canis Minor, and higher, a little east of north, the Crab, Cancer, the dark constellation, as it was called of old, with the pretty cluster, Praesepe, or the Beehive. The Sea Serpent, Hydra, is rearing his long neck high above the horizon, bearing, absurdly enough, on his back Noah's Cup, Crater, and Noah's Raven, or Crow, Corvus. Nearly due east, the Virgin, Virgo, has risen. The Lion, Leo, occupies the midspace above. East of the Great Bear lies Hevelius's foolish constellation, the Hunting Dogs, Canes Venatici. Lastly, in the northeast, the Herdsman, Bootes, with the orange-yellow brilliant Arcturus, is rising, though at present, paradoxical as it may seem, he lies on his back.