Mr. Martenson, of St. Petersburg, who, it will be remembered, was one of the Russian delegates to the International Pharmaceutical Congress, has been analyzing a number of French preparations for the toilet, most of which are familiar to our readers, at any rate by name and repute.

1. Eau de Fleurs de Lys--(Planchon and Riet, Paris.)--An infallible banisher of freckles, etc., etc. The bottle contains 100 grammes of a milky fluid, made up of 97 per cent. of water, 2.5 per cent. of precipitated calomel, and a small quantity of common salt and corrosive sublimate, and scented with orange flower water.

2. Eau de Blanc de Perles.--The bottle contains 120 grammes of a weak alkaline solution, with a thick deposit of 15 per cent. of carbonate of lead, and scented with otto of roses and geranium.

3. Nouveau Blanc de Perle, Extra Fin.--(Lubin, Paris.)--The bottles contains 35 grammes of a liquid consisting of water, holding in suspension about equal parts of zinc oxide, magnesic carbonate, and powdered talc, perfumed with otto of roses.

4. Lait de Perles.--A close imitation of No. 3, the bottle holding nearly three times the quantity for the same price. The amount of the precipitate in this case is 20 per cent.

5. Lait de Perles.--(Legrand, Paris).--The bottles contain 65 grammes of a thick white fluid, the precipitate from which consists of zinc oxide and bismuth oxychloride, and is scented with rose water.

6. Lait Antiphélique.--(Candès and Co., Paris.)--Each bottle contains 140 grammes of a milky fluid, smelling strongly of camphor, and having an acid reaction. It contains alcohol, camphor, ammonic chloride, half per cent. of corrosive sublimate, albumen, and a little free hydrochloric acid.

7. Lait de Concombres.--The bottle contains 160 grammes of a very inelegantly made emulsion, smelling of very common rose-water, with an unpleasant twang about it, and giving a strongly alkaline reaction. It consists of soap, glycerin, and cotton seed oil, made into a semi-emulsion.

8. Crême de Fleurs des Lys; Blanc de Ville Onctueux.--About 30 grammes of a kind of weak ointment contained in a small pomatum pot prettily ornamented. It is simply a salve made of wax oil, and possibly lard, mixed with a large proportion of zinc oxide, and smelling of inferior otto of roses.

9. Páte de Velonas.-This paste consists of almond, and possibly other meal mixed with soap powder, and has a strong alkaline reaction. It is scented with orris-root.

10. Rouge Végétal.--The box contains 8½ grammes of raspberry colored powder, consisting chiefly of China clay and talc, tinted to the proper depth with extract of cochineal.

11. Rouge Extra Fin Foncé.--A small square bottle containing 11 grammes of a deep red solution, smelling of otto of roses and ammonia. It consists of a solution of carmine in ammonia, with an addition of a certain amount of alcohol.

12. Rouge de Dorin.--Extract des Fleurs des Indes.--A round pot containing a porcelain disk, covered with about 6 grammes of a bright red paste, which is a mixture of carthamin or safflower with talc. This rouge, which differs from all the others, is harmless and effectual, but must bear a high profit seeing that the ingredients cost only a few half-pence, while it sells in St. Petersburg at about 4s. 9d. a pot.

13. Etui Mystérieux ou Boite de Maintenon.--A prettily got-up box containing red and white paint, and two sticks of black and blue cosmetic for the eyebrows and veins, with camel's hair pencils for applying the latter. Sells in St. Petersburg at 6s. 4d.

14. Philidore.--Remède Specifique pour oter les Pellicules de la tête, etc.--The bottle contains 100 grammes of a strong alkaline solution smelling strongly of ammonia, and containing potash, ammonia, alcohol, glycerin, and eau de cologne.

15. Colorigène Rigaud.--A blue bottle containing 160 grammes of a clear fluid with a slight black deposit, consisting of a mixture of equal parts of a 14 per cent. solution of sodic hyposulphate, and a 4 per cent. solution of lead acetate. Of course the longer this solution is kept the more lead sulphate it deposits. It sells in St. Petersburg at 8s. per bottle. It is also stated to be much more powerful if used in conjunction with the Pommade Miranda Rigaud. This beats Mrs. Allen completely out of the field.--Pharmaceutische Zeitschrift für Russland.