A correspondent of Engineering News says: Those living on swift streams, and using small boats, often have occasion to tow up stream. So do surveyors, hunters campers, tourists, and others. One man can tow a boat against a swift current where five could not row.

Where there are two persons, the usual method is for one to waste his strength holding the boat off shore with a pole, while the other tows. Where but one person, he finds towing almost impossible, and when bottom too muddy for poling and current too swift for rowing, he makes sad progress.

How To Tow A Boat 358 8b

The above cut shows how one man can easily tow alone. The light regulating string, B, passes from the stern of the boat to one hand of the person towing, T. The tow line, A, is attached a little in front of the center of the boat. Hence when B is slackened the boat approaches the shore, while a very slight pull on it turns the boat outward. The person towing glances back "ever and anon" to observe the boat's line of travel.