The United Jewish Association has made a canvass of the denomination in this country, finding 278 congregations, and a total Jewish population of 230,984. New York has the largest number--80,565. Then follows Pennsylvania, with 20,000; California, with 18,580; Ohio with 14,581; Illinois, with 12,625, and Maryland, with 10,357.

The Jewish population in the largest cities is as follows:

 New York 60,000

San Francisco 16,000

Brooklyn 14,000

Philadelphia 13,000

Chicago 12,000

Baltimore 10,000

Cincinnati 8,000

Boston 7,000

St. Louis 6,500

New Orleans 5,000

Cleveland 3,500

Newark 3,500

Milwaukee 3,500

Louisville 2,500

Pittsburg 2,000

Detroit 2,000

Washington 1,500

New Haven 1,000

Rochester 1,000 

This total Jewish population of 230,984 has six hospitals, eleven orphan asylums and homes, fourteen free colleges and schools, and 602 benevolent lodges. Of the free schools maintained by the Hebrews, five are in New York, four in Philadelphia, and one each in Cincinnati, St. Louis, Chicago, and San Francisco. Their hospitals are in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cincinnati, New Orleans, and Chicago, while their orphan asylums, homes, and other benevolent institutions are scattered all over the country.