This consists of a portable folding camera, with screw focusing arrangement, swing back, and an adapter frame placed in the position of the focus screen, allowing the dark slide to be inserted so as to give the horizontal or vertical position to the dry plate when in the camera. To the front and base-board a brass swiveled side bar, made collapsible by means of a center slot, is attached by hinges, and this renders the camera rigid when open or secure when closed. The base-board is supported on a brass plate within which is inserted a ball-and-socket (or universal joint in a new form), permitting the camera to be tilted to any necessary angle, and fixed in such position at will. The whole apparatus is mounted upon a brass telescopic draw-stand, which, by means of clamps, is attached to the steering handle or other convenient part of the tricycle, preferably the form made by Messrs. Rudge & Co., of Coventry, represented in the cut. - Photo. News.

A Photo Printing Light

A Photo Printing Light 484 9d

A printing frame is placed in the carrier, and exposed to the light of a gas burner kept at a fixed distance, behind which is a spherical reflector. The same frame may be used for other purposes.-Photographic News.