The Monitor de la Salud contains in a recent number the results of some experiments lately made by E. Jessen on the time required for the digestion of certain kinds of food. The stomach of the person on whom the experiments were made was emptied by means of a pump; 100 grammes, equal to 1,544 grains, or about 2⅔ ounces, of meat, finely chopped and mixed with three times the quantity of water, were introduced. The experiment was considered ended when the matter, on removal by the pump, was found to contain no muscular fibre.

It will be remembered that the gramme weighs nearly 15½ grains, and the cubic centigramme is equal to 1 gramme. The 2⅔ ounces of meat were therefore mixed with nearly eight ounces of water, before being introduced into the stomach.

The results were as follows:

Beef, raw, and finely chopped. 2 hours.
Beef, half cooked.2½ hours.
Beef, well cooked.3 hours.
Beef, slightly roasted.3 hours.
Beef, well roasted.4 hours.
Mutton, raw.2 hours.
Veal.2½ hours.
Pork.3 hours.

The digestibility of milk was examined in the same way. The quantity used was regulated so that the nitrogen should be the same as in the 100 grammes of beef.

602 cubic centimeters, nearly sixteen ounces, of cow's milk, not boiled, required. 3½ hours
602 cubic centimeters, boiled.4 hours
602 sour.3½ hours
675 skimmed.3½ hours
656 goat's milk, not boiled.3½ hours