Figs. 1 and 2 give a perspective view and plan of a new style of car recently adopted by the Bone-Guelma Railroad Company, and which has isolated compartments opening upon a lateral passageway. In this arrangement, which is due to Mr. Desgranges, the lateral passageway does not extend all along one side of the car, but passes through the center of the latter and then runs along the opposite side so as to form a letter S. The car consists in reality of two boxes connected beneath the transverse passageway, but having a continuous roof and flooring. The two ends are provided with platforms that are reached by means of steps, and that permit one to enter the corresponding half of the car or to pass on to the next. The length from end to end is 33 feet in the mixed cars, comprising two first-class and four second-class compartments, and 32 feet in cars of the third class, with six compartments. The width of the compartments is 5.6 and 5 feet, according to the class. The passageway is 28 inches in width in the mixed cars, and 24 in those of the third class.

The roof is so arranged as to afford a circulation of cool air in the interior.

Fig. 2.   PLAN.
Fig. 2. - PLAN.

The application of the zigzag passageway has the inconvenience of slightly elongating the car, but it is advantageous to the passengers, who can thus enjoy a view of the landscape on both sides of the train. - La Nature.