Trials have been made at Havre with an electric launch built to the order of the French government by the Forges et Chantiers de la Mediterranée. The vessel, which has rather full lines, measures 28 ft. between perpendiculars and 9 ft. beam, and is 5 tons register.

The electromotor is the invention of Captain Krebs, who is already well known on account of his experiments in connection with navigable balloons, and of M. De Zédé, naval architect. The propeller shaft is not directly coupled with the spindle of the motor, but is geared to it by spur wheels in the ratio of 1 to 3, in order to allow of the employment of a light high-speed motor. The latter makes 850 revolutions per minute, and develops 12 horse power when driving the screw at 280 revolutions. Current is supplied by a new type of accumulators made by Messrs. Commelin & Desmazures. One hundred and thirty two of these accumulators are fitted in the bottom of the boat, the total weight being about 2 tons.

In ordering this boat the French government stipulated a speed of 6 knots to be maintained during three hours with an expenditure of 10 horse power. The result of the trials gave a speed of 6½ knots during five hours with 12 horse power, and sufficient charge was left in the accumulators to allow the boat to travel on the following day for four hours. This performance is exceedingly good, since it shows that one horse power hour has been obtained with less than 60 lb. of total weight of battery.