Mr. Tamburini some time ago observed that, during a period of lethargy, the approach of a magnet produced in persons affected with hysterical hypnosis a series of modifications of the respiratory functions and of contractility.

From some very careful experiments made by him and Mr. Righi in common, upon the lady who was the principal subject of his observations, it results that (1) it makes no difference whether the magnet be presented by its poles or its neutral line; (2) that any mass of metal whatever acts like a magnet; (3) that an electromagnet produces exactly the same effect whether it be or be not excited by a current; and (4) that a glass tube filled with cold or warm water likewise produces analogous effects, which disappear when the water is raised to the temperature of the human body.

It seems, therefore, that the magnetic properties of the magnet count for nothing in the phenomena observed. - Journal de Physique.