Snegorotchka A Russian Fairy Tale

The daintiest, prettiest little maiden they had ever seen . Frontispiece

The Buried Moon An English Fairy Tale

In her frantic struggles the hood of her cloak fell back from her dazzling golden hair, and immediately the whole place was flooded with light ....... 8

White Caroline And Black Caroline A Flemish Fairy Tale

And, when he saw White Caroline, he started to play on his organ the most beautiful airs that it was possible to hear, and the three little dogs commenced to dance together . . . .16

The Seven Conquerors Of The Queen Of The Mississippi A Belgian Fairy Tale

' Hi! friend! Take the whole castle, with the Queen and all that it contains, on your shoulders!' . . . . .24

The Serpent Prince An Italian Fairy Tale

When Grannmia saw her strange lover, she alone remained calm and courageous ........ 32

The Hind Of The Wood - A French Fairy Tale

Giroflee thanked the fairy and went ... far into the wood; and there, sure enough, she saw a hut and an old woman sitting outside , 56

Ivan And The Chestnut Horse - Russian Fairy Tale

The chestnut horse seemed to linger in the air at the top of its leap while that kiss endured ...... 64

The Blue Bir - A French Fairy Tale

The Prince took a carriage drawn by three great frogs with great big wings. . . . Truitonne came out mysteriously by a little door . 88

Bashtchelik (Or, Real Steel - A Serbian Fairy Tale

The Prince, looking out, saw him snatch up the Princess . . . and soar rapidly away . . . . . . .104

The Palace of the Dragon King . . . . .112

Illustrations The Friar And The Boy - An English Fairy Tale

The Friar, bound fast to the post, squirmed and wriggled, showing plainly that he would foot it if he could . . . .128

The Green Serpent - A French Fairy Tale

Laideronnette kissed and embraced the good Fairy Protectress . 144

Urashima Taro - A Japanese Fairy Tale

Urashima was so enchanted that he could not speak a word . . 152

The Fire Bird - A Russian Fairy Tale

There he found the Princess asleep, and saw that her face was the face he had seen in the portrait . . . . .160

With a scream the Princess rushed forward, and, before her wicked sister could prevent her, she had upset the cauldron with a crash . 168

The Story Of The Bird Feng - A Chinese Fairy Tale

The wonderful bird, like a fire of many colours come down from heaven, alighted before the Princess, dropping at her feet the portrait . 172

The Story Of The Bird Feng A Chinese Fairy Tale 3