3262. Animals can see haunts or spirits.

3263. Animals can talk on New Year's Eve.

3264. It is a bad omen for an animal to die in one's hand.

3265. If you see a dead animal, spit over your little finger, so that you may avoid bad luck.

3266. All men come back as animals.

3267. To run an animal before you kill it will make the meat tender.

3268. The crossing of a black cat in front of you will bring bad luck.

3269. When a black cat passes in front of you, spit, to avert bad luck.

3270. It brings good luck for a black cat to cross your path to the right....................Blue Grass

3271. It brings bad luck for a black cat to cross your path to the left.....................Blue Grass

3272. Avert the bad luck incident to the crossing of a cat or a rabbit before you by pulling out a thread and throwing it from you - on the left or the right side, according to the animal's position.....Mountains

3273. When a black cat runs in front of you, take off your cap and spit into it, to avert bad luck.. .Mountains

3274. If a cat crosses your path, you will have bad luck, unless you turn around three times and spit on your little finger.

3275. If a black cat crosses your path, turn around three times to avert bad luck.

3276. It brings good luck to have two cats or two rabbits cross your path at night.......Western Kentucky

3277. It is a bad-luck sign to have a black cat follow you after night.

3278. A black cat seen on the morning of an accident is a sign of warning.

3279. If a black cat takes up its abode at a house; the unmarried daughters will have a good chance to marry.

3280. If a black cat is kept in the family, the girls will never marry................Southern Kentucky

3281. If a yellow cat passing in front of your path turns over, you may expect bad luck........Mountains

3282. If you spit on the floor or the ground and a cat goes near your saliva, you will die... Central Kentucky

3283. It causes bad luck for a cat to sleep with you.......................................Mountains

3284. A cat on the front porch brings bad luck to the housekeeper.

3285. To kill a cat will bring seven years of bad luck.

3286. If you kill a cat, it will haunt you all your life.

3287. If you kill a black cat, you will see the Devil before you see another black cat.

3288. It brings bad luck for a man with a family to drown cats.......................Southern Kentucky

3289. A cat you kill in any way except by drowning will not hurt you, but if you drown one, the cat's ghost will come at night and suck your breath.....................................Central Kentucky

3290. It causes good luck to kill a cat in a graveyard either at midnight or on a moonlight night.

3291. It causes bad luck to cut off a black cat's tail.

3292. If you step on a black cat's tail, you will be an old maid.......................Western Kentucky

3293. You will have bad luck if you step on a cat's tail.

3294. It causes bad luck to drive off a cat.

3295. If a cat approaches you kindly, you have a good disposition.

3296. If a cat raises its fur at you, you have a bad disposition.

3297. You will have good luck if a cat or a dog follows you home.

3298. It causes bad luck to move a cat.

3299. It will bring good luck to take a cat to a new house.

3300. If a cat gets on a table, you will have bad luck.

3301. If a street-car runs over a cat, it will also run over a person that day.

3302. If a cat turns over so that its head is away from the fire, someone is coming.

3303. If the cat washes its face in the house, someone is coming.

3304. If a cat washes its face in the door, someone is coming.

3305. The first person that a cat looks toward after washing its face will be the next to marry.

3306. To hear a cat whine at twelve o'clock is a sign of death.

3307. It is a sign of a death in the family for a cat to mew three times at midnight on two or three consecutive nights.

3308. If a cat scratches you, you may look for a disappointment.

3309. If a cat looks into a mirror, there will be a death.

3310. A cat can cause the death of a sleeping person or a sick child by sucking the breath.

3311. A cat has seven lives.

3312. A cat has nine lives.

3313. A cat draws lightning.

3314. If you put cream on your face and let a cat lick it off you will have a heavy beard.......Mountains

3315. If two cats fight for a long time, somebody will have a fight nearby................Central Kentucky

3316. A cat will feed on the flesh of a dead person.

3317. It brings good luck to have a white cat come to your house.

3318. It causes good luck to meet or pass a drove of cattle,

3319. If many of your stock suffer from an epidemic, someone in your family will have an accident or will die...........................Mountains

3320. Blood in the cow's milk is a sign of a death in the family.

3321. To shoot a cow brings bad luck.

3322. If a cow falls down, she will die.

3323. If a cow falls down, she will die within a week...............................Southern Kentucky

3324. If a cow lows in front of your door, you may expect a death.

3325. If a cow lows over your gate, there will be a death.

3326. A cow's lowing between seven and eight o'clock in the morning is the sign of a death in the family... ...........................Northern Kentucky

3327. If a cow's low is heard after dark, there will be a death in the family before the next Wednesday night.

3328. If you move from one city to another and take a cow with you, you will have bad luck.

3329. It is thought that a cow may lose its cud. It does not. Indigestion may prevent the stomach from supplying the cud.

3330. The common belief that cows sometimes have an ailment called hollow horn is a superstition. That is, it is thought that a certain disease will produce hollow horn.