97. A poor man is sure to have many children ("A fool for luck and a poor man for children").

98. If there is strong family resemblance between parent and child, the child will outlive the parent.

99. If a daughter resembles her father, she is born for good luck.

100. If a boy is born like his mother, he is bom for good luck.

101. It is unlucky to be named for your mother...........................................Mountains

102. Step on a crack, Break your mother's back.

103. If you are walking backwards, you are cursing your parents.

104. If you walk backwards and look over your left shoulder, you curse your mother.....Central Kentucky

105. One in each family can locate water or veins of water by taking a peach-tree fork and turning it upside down like this - V - . The fork will turn down in the neighborhood of water underground.