After long travelling about the world he arrived at a great city, and, as he rode through the streets, a girl called to him from a kiosk: "Here, son of the king! Dismount and come into the courtyard!" The prince led his horse into the yard, and behold! the second sister came to meet him. They embraced and kissed each other, and the sister led the brother up into the kiosk, and had his horse taken to a stable. When they were in the kiosk, the sister asked her brother how he came there, and he told her all his adventures. He then asked her who her husband was. "I am married to the King of the Falcons," she said, "and he will come home to-night, so I must hide you somewhere, for he often threatens my brothers".

Shortly after she had concealed her brother, the Falcon King came home. As soon as he alighted all the house shook. Immediately his supper was set before him, but he said to his wife, "There are human bones somewhere!" The wife answered, "No, my husband, there is nothing." After long talking, however, she asked him, "Would you harm my brothers if they came to see me?" The Falcon King answered, "The eldest brother and the second I would delight in torturing, but to the youngest I would do no harm." So she told him about her brother. Then he ordered that they should bring him immediately; and when he saw him he rose up and they embraced and kissed each other. "Welcome, brother-in-law!" said the King of Falcons. "I hope you are happy, brother?" returned the prince, and then they sat down to sup together. After supper, the Falcon King asked his brother-in-law where he was travelling. He replied that he was going in search of True Steel, and told the king all that had happened.

On hearing this the Falcon King began to advise him to go no farther. "It is no use going on," said he. "I will tell you something of True Steel. The day he stole your wife, I assaulted him with four thousand falcons. We had a terrible battle with him, blood was shed till it reached the knees, but yet we could do him no harm! Do you think now that you alone could do anything with him? I advise you to return home. Here is my treasure: take with you as much as you like." But the king's son answered, "I thank you for all your kindness, but I cannot return. I shall go at all events in search of True Steel!" For he thought to himself, "Why should I not go, seeing I have three lives?" When the Falcon King saw that he could not persuade him to go back, he took a little feather and gave it him, saying, "Take this feather, and when you find yourself in great need, burn it and I will instantly come with all my powers to help you!" So the king's son took the feather and continued his journey, hoping to find True Steel.

After travelling for a long time about the world he came to a third city. As he entered, a girl called to him from a kiosk, "Dismount, and come into the courtyard." The king's son went into the yard, and was surprised to find his youngest sister, who came to meet him. When they had embraced and kissed each other, the sister led her brother to the kiosk and sent his horse to the stables. The brother asked her, "Dear sister, whom have you married? What is your husband?" She answered, "My husband is the King of Eagles".

When the Eagle King returned home in the evening his wife received him, but he exclaimed immediately, "What man has come into my palace? Tell me the truth instantly!" She answered, "No one is here"; and they began their supper. By-and-by the wife said, "Tell me truly: would you do any harm to my brothers if they came here?" The Eagle King answered, "The eldest and second brother I would kill, but to the youngest I would do no harm! I would help him whenever I could!" Then the wife said, "My youngest brother, and your brother-in-law, is here; he came to see me." The Eagle King ordered that they should bring the prince instantly, received him standing, kissed him, and said, "Welcome, brother-in-law!" and the king's son answered, "I hope you are well?" They then sat down to their supper. During the repast they conversed about many things, and at last the prince told the king he was travelling in search of True Steel. When the Eagle King heard that, he tried to dissuade him from going on, adding, "Leave the devil in peace, my brother-in-law; give up that journey and stay with me! I will do everything to satisfy you!" The king's son, however, would not hear of remaining, but next day, as soon as it was dawn, prepared to set out in search of True Steel. Then the Eagle King, seeing that he could not persuade him to give up his journey, plucked out one of his feathers and gave it him, saying, "If you find yourself in great danger, my brother, make a fire and burn this feather; I will then come to your help immediately with all my eagles." So the prince took the feather and went away.

After travelling for a very long time about the world, roaming from one city to another, and always going farther and farther from his home, he found his wife in a cavern.

When the wife saw him she was greatly astonished, and cried, "In God's name, my husband, how did you come here? ' He told her how it all happened, and then added, "Now let us fly!" "How can we fly," she asked, "when True Steel will reach us instantly? and when he does he will kill you, and carry me back." But the prince, knowing he had three other lives to live, persuaded his wife to flee, and so they did. As soon, however, as they started, True Steel heard it, and followed immediately. When he reached them, he shouted to the king's son, "So, prince, you have stolen your wife!" Then, after taking the wife back, he added, "Now, I forgive you this life, because I recollect that I promised to give you three lives; but go away directly, and never come here again after your wife, else you will be lost!" Thus saying, he carried the wife away, and the prince remained alone on the spot, not knowing what to do.

At length the prince resolved to go back to his wife. When he came near the cave he found an opportunity when True Steel was absent, and took his wife again and tried to escape with her.