Line 1. has no vouchers. 1b relating to the "Vault," cannot have one, as it merely completes an operation which, like 15, was interrupted by the arrival of the hour of three, when it became impossible to deposit the checks. if is included in the sum line 14, for which the Park Bank gives its voucher in the pass boo

Line 2. Collection of Interest, d is supported by Statement N 784, as follows:

Notice.—The half yearly interest, $1,500, on Mortgage No. 443, for $50,00 will be due and payable on the first of May, 1886, at the Union Savings Bar New York. Prompt payment is expected. Receipted tax bill for last year to exhibited unless already done.

This Paper is to be SIGNED and returned to us with the payment. New York, March 1, 1886.

To the Treasurer of the Union Savings Bank.

Sir :—Herewith I deliver to you, in payment above Interest, fifteen hundred Dollars. Please acknowledge recei

James O. Smith, Examined. $1,500                   Received by S.                     Address, 115 Broadway

Line 3. Payment of Expense, a is included in the amount $179.0 Second Teller's Report, see page 169. For e see Form on pa 180. Voucher signed by teller.

Line 4. d is supported by Statement No 785, as follows: It signed by the tenant and countersigned by the teller who receive the money.

Please Sign And Return With The Rent

Union Savings Bank.

Rent will be due Mar. 1,1886, for No. 335 East 46th Street, from March 1 to April 1, 1 Month, at $1,200 per year. $100.                      E. D. J.

New York, March 1, 1886.

To the Treasurer of the Union Savings Bank.


Herewith I deliver to you

One hundred Dollars, in payment of Rent, as

stated in the margin.

Geo. P. Trumbull,

Lines 5 and 6 refer to a single transaction. As two accounts "Mortgages" and "Interest"—are affected by it, it requires two line Statement 786 is as follows:

This Form is to be Returned

to us with Signature.

Union Savings Bank

New York, March 1, 1886.

Statement for Payment of Mortgage No. 357, on Interest at 5 per cent, from January 7 to March x, 1886,

            116 67

10,116 67 To the Treasurer of the Union Savings Bank.

Sir :—We deliver to you herewith Certified Check for Ten thousand, one hundred, sixteen 67/100 Dollars, in payment of the above mortgage, and acknowledge receipt of the following papers: Bond, Mortgage, Satisfaction Piece, Abstract, Insurance Policy.

Alexander and Green, Attorneys,

per James Blacstone, Jr.

Line 7. Purchase of Bonds, e will be accounted for in the pass book of the Park bank, which will claim credit for this and other amounts, e is supported by voucher No. 2344, in form similar to that already given.

Line 8. Transfer Between Banks, Having drawn a large check on the Park, a transfer is made from the Chemical, so as to equalize. The current checks are drawn upon the Park, and the balance in the Chemical is kept at some multiple of 365, to facilitate the computation of daily interest.

Line 9. Collection of Rent. Similar to 4, except that payment is received in check.

Line 10, 11. Payment of Expense. Two vouchers are taken for this according to the distinction explained on page 183.