For all that has been done up to this time, it was not necessary that the company should have a place of business of its own. It may have had one, however, and got fairly under way before its circulating notes had been sent on from the Treasury Department. But, presuming that our records represent the transactions in the order of their occurrence, we now find the new corporation ready to rent or buy a place to conduct its business, open its doors and receive deposits. Let us proceed to examine the history of what takes place, and record the various operations in the books of account.

The bookkeeper.

General Journal.

Lunar City, July, 18.

History Of Transactions

July 1.—Concluded purchase of property known as Treasury Hall, for bank building, paying for same $27,500. Recording deed, $2.50.

12th.—Bill of carpenter for fitting up bank building, $562, paid.

13th.—Bought furniture and fixtures, for which bill amounted to $375.

15th.—Paid for books and other stationery, including express charges, $155.

16th.—Bought postage stamps, $12. Bill for printing, paid, $75.10.

Correspondence with Arctic Nat. Bank established by depositing in current funds $ 30,000. Paid expenses of President, trip to New York, $ 55.

18th.—Received following deposits: H. M. Lutz, 585.10; Theo. Kitchen, 1,624.75; G. A. Lewis, 1,210.40; E. P. Graham, 482.50; W. H. Webb, 1,540.82.

Among deposits were following checks and bills: First Nat., 513.80, 75.30, 12.40. 1,210.40. East River, N. Y., 1,105.82. Hanover, N. Y., 269.95.

Stebbins, F., & Co., Lawrence, Dak., 71.50. Exchange, Pike, 111., 25.30.

Discounted paper as follows: For Joseph Arnold, H. Coulter's note, 60 days, 1,000.00. For W. T. Bartlett, his note, 60 ds., for 2,500.00; secured by U. S. bonds. For H. Coulter, O. B. Arnold's note, 90 ds., 3,500.00. For J. H. Watt, G. A. Lewis's note, 30 ds., 2,780.00. For F. Zahn, R. Ladd's note, 60 ds., 3,400.00.

Bought following bills on New York, and sent same for credit to Arctic Nat. Bank:

Theo. Kitchen's dft. on Imp. and Tdrs.', endorsed by W. T. Bartlett, 7,000.00; premium, 7.00. H. C. Rider's dft. on C. S. Hough, payable at Nat. Park, 4,000.00; premium, 3.50.

Sold exchange on Arctic Nat. as follows: H. M. Lutz, 2,500.00; prem., 3.25.

F.   Zahn, 1,800.00; prem., 2.25.

W. H. Webb, 250.00; prem. 50 cts.

Paid the following checks : W. H. Webb, 250.50, 13.25. Theo. Kitchen, 270.50, 18.42, 5.10.

19th.—Received the following deposits :

G.   A. Lewis, 516.80; W. H. Webb, 275.10; G. A. Linton, 1,255.00; H. M. Lutz, 346.10; John Rapson, 1,842.70; J. D. Brown, 540.15; J. W. Torrey, 178.40.

Among the deposits were the following checks: First Nat., Hartford, Conn., 175.80. Chemical, New York, 255.10. Fourth Nat., New York, 156.50. Merch. Nat., New York, 127.40. All of which were remitted Arctic Nat. for credit.

Paid checks as follows: W. H. Webb, 75.80, 37.50, 42.60. G. A. Lewis, 13.15, 27.50, 105.85, 10.10. Theo. Kitchen, 8.75, 75.80, 327.40, 8.25. H. M. Lutz, 107.10, 46.60, 3,27. G. A. Linton, 36.40, 27.85. J. D. Brown, 8.40, 10.75, 41.85.

Received for collection the following bills: No. 1—John Rapson, on Brown Bros., Chicago, 246.80 J No. 2—J. W. Torrey, on Smith & Wood New York. 47.25 ; No. 3—W. H. Webb, on Drexel, Morgan & Co., 1,247.50; No. 4—E. P. Graham, on Prince & Whitely, 385-10; No.. 5—J- I>. Brown, on John H. Davis & Co., 470.50.

Many banks have dispensed with the Offering-Book. The information given in Chapter VII. explains why the book may in many cases be unnecessary. (For explanation, see page 126.)


Receiving Teller's Check-Book.

Domestic Tickler.*

Depositors' Balance Ledger, July, 18

Items For Illustrating The Debit And Credit Journals

(1.) Rec'd notice from First National of Cleveland that Brown & Bacon's ft on Hardin had been paid, and the amount, $842.25, placed to our credit. Brown & Bacon deposited, cash, $ 500. (See Credit Journal, deposits column, $1,342.25; also Depositors' Ledger, acc't of B. & B. For charge to First Nat., Cleveland, see Debit Journal.)

(2.) Bo't 100 U. S. 4s@i12 ($12,300), paying by draft on Fourth Nat., New York. (See Credit J., general col. for credit to Fourth Nat., and also Debit J., general col. for credit to Government stocks.

(3.) Rec'd notice from Second Nat., St. Louis, that John Adams's d'ft on Beeten for $500 had been paid and placed to our credit. (See C. J., deposit col., and D. J., general col. ; also Depositors' Ledger.) (4.) Paid bill, stationery and printing, $47.50. (See D. J., general col.) Note.—This is entered to the account of "Expense." In some banks the general expenses are divided under various headings, such as "Salaries."' "Stationery and Postage," "Rent," "Fuel and Gas," etc. The "Expense Account" in such instances would embody only items of contingencies not provided for by special classification. Classifying the items is a matter of taste. As a rule, it is well to adopt such a practice.